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SPAM Filtering and Control

Everyday spammers find new routes to try to get into your email inbox. Most spam consists of unwanted advertising, but some can transmit viruses, adware or spyware on to your computer and cause problems. An effective SPAM filter can solve many of your email problems. Not only do they block unwanted SPAM but they can also organize your emails into folders, so your inbox only includes wanted email. Just think, you no longer have to sort through an annoying list of emails to find one legitimate one.

Block SPAM and Viruses Before they Hit your Network

InnerTag's SPAM Control & Filtering helps keep your email free from spam, viruses, phishing, and other email threats. It is a hosted solution that blocks SPAM and other threats well before they reach your in-box. Unlike other products, our SPAM blocker requires no hardware or software to install and maintain, thus greatly reducing your IT resource requirements and costs.

Accurate Identification of SPAM

Our SPAM Control & Filtering utilizes nine methods to pierce the disguises used by professional spammers:

  1. Sender Address Verification: Messages are tested to determine if they come from legitimate email addresses.
  2. Realtime Blackhole Lists (RBLs) and spam databases: Email addresses are checked against databases of known spammers.
  3. Header Analysis: The header section of emails are checked for false or altered information and addresses with invalid characters.
  4. Body Analysis (Heuristics): Words and word patterns typical of spam are identified.
  5. SPF record checking: Rejects emails coming from a false “Mail From” address.
  6. URL Scanning: URLs within emails are checked against a database of known spam URLs.
  7. Greylisting: Unknown mail servers are asked to resend messages before they are accepted.
  8. BATV Reverse Path Signing: Blocks emails from being “bounced back” to an email server unless they really originated there.
  9. Whitelist and Blacklist: Our solution lists email sources known to be legitimate and illegitimate.

Ready to stop SPAM in its tracks and get it under control?


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