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eMail Archiving and Your Business

Email has evolved from a simple intra-office messaging tool to the information and communication backbone for companies of all sizes. Our eMail Archiving Solution can be deployed for any size business to ensure that all electronic communication is automatically preserved for intelligent discovery, rapid recovery and continuous access from any location. In many cases, businesses are required to backup email for a number of years and our solution immediately allows you to regain control of these compliancy requirements.

Email is the core business communication channel and reliance on it is only growing. So too does the need to ensure its operation as a communication tool and to preserve the information email contains. Excessive data loads, the constant pounding of spam & viruses, unplanned service interruptions and ad-hoc needs to find pertinent information within the flood of content presents constant challenges for business owners and their staff.

eMail Backup, Discovery, and Recovery

Our eMail Archiving Solution is a complete and affordable hosted service, enabling you to effectively index and preserve all emails, enhance operational efficiencies and achieve regulatory compliance needs. Leveraging standard policies and seamless access to messages, email content is fully indexed and backed up to enable administrators, auditors and end users quick retrieval of any email message, anywhere, anytime.

How does eMail Archiving work?

All incoming, outgoing and internal email is automatically routed through our eMail Archiving gateway. All email and attachments are filtered for spam and viruses, which are eliminated, then indexed for search and retrieval (discovery), and then encrypted in the active archive for secure, long-term retention. Using our web interface, users are able to instantly identify and retrieve email and attachments, recovering them directly to their desktop.

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